Tönnies as an employer

Tönnies is an international food group with operations on all of the world's important markets. The group generated a global turnover of  5.6 billion euros in the fiscal year 2014.

As an owner-managed family business, Tönnies stands for entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Interested in developing your career and getting to grips with new and exciting topics? If so, the Tönnies Group offers you exciting perspectives in an international, collegial environment. Clear-cut, professional teamwork, founded on trust, is just as important to us as long-term collaboration with our staff at all of our facilities.

The people who work at Tönnies are our most valuable asset and the basis for sustainable entrepreneurial success. We live and love the variety, talent, commitment and inspiration, and promote this in the scope of on-going opportunities for development, and through active, responsible integration of the employee in the enterprise processes.

The following pages give you more details about your career entry, work and development opportunities within the Tönnies Group. Our contacts will be pleased to help you with your queries.

Childcare facilities

For working parents it isn't always easy to make sure that their children are looked after during working hours. This prompted Tönnies to introduce a Daycare centre at our facility in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in cooperation with the German Red Cross. This flexibility helps our staff to achieve a life/work balance and is part of our social responsibility.

Company gym

Sport is a great counterpart to business activity and perfect if you want to do something to stay healthy. What could be better than not having to drive a long distance to the gym? We offer our staff the opportunity to keep fit in our own gym at the Rheda facility. And the Fitness Lounge is a great place to meet people from other divisions and have a chat.

The  'Tönnies Fitness' gym equipped with a sauna and spacious lounge area, was completed early this year and offers the latest equipment for endurance training and muscle building. The gym manager and personal trainer compiles a training program for each member based on their individual needs. Besides training on the machines, the sports program includes nutrition advice, fitness courses, performance oriented training, a lounge area with drinks service, massage, problem area training, back exercises and the use of the sauna landscape.