Animal-friendly feeding and maintenance

Product production is closely linked with all requirements for quality and security in our unique quality assurance and security system. Forming part of our Agriculture department, our Feeding & Maintenance sector intensely focuses its energies on animal welfare with particular attention being paid to animal feeding and maintenance.

Using a continuous data feedback system, farmers receive detailed information on the welfare of animals being brought to slaughter.

Data that is obtained upon arrival, during slaughtering and during examination, that the farmer can access online and that at the same time forms the basis for targeted professional feedback and advice for the farm.

This animal health data is, among other things, an indicator of their maintenance and feeding. Because of this, the data is extensively reviewed in exacting detail.

Here are a few examples of areas where we invest a significant amount of professional resources to ensure our animals are kept in the best possible manner:

Stalls maintained in a pristine structural condition

  • Slip-proof flooring
  • Space allocated based on animal size
  • Species-appropriate activities
  • Lighting conditions that correspond to the natural rhythms of the day
  • Healthy stall and stable conditions through good, draughtless ventilation and animal-friendly temperature control

Feeding of animals

  • Continuous, individual and barrier-free provision of clean, potable water
  • Exclusive use of feedstuffs in accordance with the "Approved List of Feed Materials"
  • Farms that prepare their own feed mixtures and carry out feedstuff sampling and testing
  • Documentation of mixture protocols and feed portion calculations
  • Careful storage of feedstuffs
  • Regular monitoring of feedstuffs
  • A complete ban on the use of antibiotic growth enhancers

A view of the stalls

To ensure the greatest possible transparency, we focus on the animal itself.
Every livestock owner has a vital interest in ensuring that his animals grow up in a sound and healthy environment.

It goes without saying that the keeping, maintenance and slaughter of livestock are all integral parts of the final consumption of meat and other animal-based products. Farmers live both with and from their livestock, and so are primary stakeholders in the health and well-being of their animals.

Our system is designed to identify possible weak points and remove them. This includes the regular training and auditing of farmers as well as knowledge transfer from our animal welfare foundation. In this way we can ensure that the conditions in which our animals are maintained are continuously reviewed and improved in a sustainable manner.

In maintaining our livestock, the individual animal's health and well-being are always our primary focus.