Market-oriented, international, sales effective

Our convenience foods and processed meat products division is managed by our subsidiary firm, Tillman's Convenience GmbH. To meet the requirements of the various markets in this sector as well as the needs and demands of our customers and business partners, our Convenience Division is divided into six competence areas..

Pre-packed Fresh Meat

We are Europe-wide specialists in pre-packed fresh meat. We offer our domestic and international customers the greatest range of product diversity, which, in addition to fast-moving core essentials, also includes highly marketable speciality and seasonal items. More

Frozen Convenience Foods

A diverse assortment of strong-selling, frozen food products made from high quality raw materials that are easy to prepare and are a guaranteed success.More

Fresh convenience products

Chilled convenience foods are one of the fastest-growing product ranges of the future. Health-consciousness, diversity of choice, ease of preparation and top-quality ingredients are all crucial factors for consumers. More

Processed Meat Products

From traditional speciality sausages and cured meats prepared according to tried and tested recipes to tasty and innovative on-trend delights, we offer our customers a varied range of food products. Our product ranges are flexible, perform well and are made from only the finest raw materials. More