Minimal effort - maximum taste

Convenience products have become an indispensable part of the bulk consumer market, offering many advantages for increasing efficiency and range of selection. Gradual, measured regeneration, short cooking times and guaranteed success of preparation are all of particular importance to food professionals.

Easy to prepare, economical and portion controlled. In developing our "ready to eat" range, we were mindful of these requirements and so delivered a range of products that food professionals can easily transform into top quality dishes for their guests.

When it comes to our range of convenience food products, we specialise in much-loved classics such as a variety of fully-cooked schnitzel specialities, cordon bleu and meatballs.

In addition, we produce meat snacks and finger foods that are guaranteed crowd pleasers: from tasty mini grilled pork knuckles to fresh, ready-to-eat pork tartare with onion.

The full range of our convenience products is available for download here.