Among the core competencies at acontex GmbH are the drying, processing and refining of animal and plant-based raw materials by means of innovative separation processes.


Fapro is a producer and supplier of high quality porcine fat and meals. The company's products are used particularlyin the areas of pet food and livestock feed.


Progra is a producer of blended fats and meals whose end products are primarily used in the processing industry.


„We transfer Immunity“ - under this mission statement Veracus develops high-quality products and premixes for a healthy and sustainable nutrition of humans and animals.

Nord Ingredients

North Ingredients GmbH has been active as a trading company on the market since 2014. The focus of our activities is the marketing of all raw meat materials and their by-products, as occurring in the slaughtering and meat processing industry.
Our business activities cover the freely tradeable commodities that occur in the slaughtering and cutting process, used by the industry, among other things as raw materials for

  • Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biodiesel
  • or pet foods.