Meat Division

The Tönnies's success story begins with our unique concept of quality and freshness. We achieve sustainable "biological unity" by bringing slaughtering, butchering and packaging together under one roof, thus ensuring maximum product freshness.

Through the use of inline-production, the Tönnies Group produce nationally and internationally recognised quality meats that form the basis for all stages of our downstream meat processing and consumption.

The key to freshness and quality assurance is integrated and fully documented in-line production at a single facility. By maintaining production processes from slaughtering to the finished product all within a single site, the cooling and hygiene chain remains unbroken.

Tönnies Lebensmittel ensures unique freshness and quality:

  • The most modern technologies for slaughtering, butchering, packaging and logistics
  • Unique processes for cleanliness and hygiene
  • An unbroken cooling and hygiene chain through the use of in-line production
  • Continuous monitoring at all stages of production

With almost forty years of experience and technological excellence, TönniesFleisch has achieved a quantum leap in the production of quality meat through the introduction of fully-automated butchering processes.

An indispensable prerequisite for fully-automated butchering is detailed information.

Using data transferred from the slaughterhouse, a complete data set for each individual pig is provided to the automated butchering system.
In conjunction with measuring the individual sections of the carcass, the data obtained is used to optimise the entire butchering process. By objectively evaluating the individual sections of the carcass, the butchering process is optimised.

Cutting, processing and packaging meats to our customers specifications is, for us, a welcome challenge - and one we successfully meet like no other. Our specific skills and services are in demand worldwide.