Act sustainably - Work globally

Sustainable management is our responsibility and is the primary focus of all our actions and business. We don’t just talk, we act. For years we have actively subscribed to the concept of sustainability.

It is precisely the interconnect between the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability that is our on-going challenge. Through our use of innovative techniques and our employees' commitment, we balance ecology and economy while at the same time conserving resources. And by applying the most advanced emission reduction technologies, we also make an active contribution to protecting nature and the environment.

Global interaction


Strengthening of agricultural structures
- Production with a guarantee of origin
- Working in partnership with our suppliers
- A network of 18,000 regional farms


Our responsibility: the careful handling of all our animals
- Animal welfare
- Animal welfare training
- A healthy stable and stall environment


Slaughtering, butchering and processing: fully centralised in a single location
- Quality assurance
- Highest standards of hygiene


Safe food for your enjoyment:
- Convenient
- Innovative
- Tasty


Our high-speed logistics network is daily at work for you
- Efficient route planning: on time & flexible
- State-of-the-art CO2-reduced fleet
- Complete route and temperature control


Sustained success with on-trend products
- Close to market
- Best quality
- Eye-catching